And we’re back

February 23, 2017

To say that life is been busy last few months is a gross understatement. We added a new baby to the family, sold our house, moved to temporary housing while we built our house, the kids started a new school, we moved into the new house, and we decided to finish out the school year homeschooling the kids rather than put them in yet another new school. Um, can I go into hiding yet?  I’ve been writing blog posts on and off through all of this (oh, who am I kidding! I’ve started writing a zillion posts, but I haven’t finished most of them!), but life is been so overwhelming that it’s been hard for me to get my thoughts and heart out on paper. Also, none of the posts that I’ve written have felt quite “right.” Sure they deal with normal things, and eventually they will get published, but as I’ve read other blogs and seen other friends want to achieve great things, I guess I’ve been feeling a little bit inferior. Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited and it is been such a blessing to read other blogs that deal with issues of motherhood and spousal relationships, but I’ve been left feeling rather dry with the nagging question of “what is there for me to offer” hanging over my head.  And then I remembered something that one of my friends mentioned several months ago. It had to do with the fact that there are very few Christian blogs on parenting and navigating through the waters of stepchildren, bonus kids, adopted kids, etc… The thought that I may somehow be able to share some of my experiences with my bonus kids and also offer some insight into how we are raising a blended family has been one that has sat in the back of my mind for a long time. There is so much that can be said when it comes to this topic, and it’s something that I’m passionate about. There is so much that goes into raising bonus children and even more to be said about how things shake up even more when new siblings are added to the mix (not to mention how to grow close to your spouse when you’ve never had the experience of it being just the two of you in the relationship). The thought that I might be able to share some insights into this area of my life has resided in the head and places of my heart for a long time. Why? Partly because of fear. Raising bonus kids can be kind of a touchy subject. I know that not everyone’s experience is the same I know that not every situation is going to be the same, but I think that there are a lot of similarities in various situations, and I would like to think that some of my experiences (trial and error, and some success) might help others who are struggling to find their place. A few months ago I purchased the book, “Uninvited” by Lisa Terkheurst.  It was a book that I purchased when my postpartum depression started creeping back in and I started feeling like I had completely lost my purpose in life. (Side note, I cannot say enough good things about this book! Seriously. Get yourself a copy here or here. You absolutely won’t regret it!)  One line particularly stuck out in my mind as I sat in the throes of feeling like I had nothing to offer: “There is an abundant need in this world for you exact brand of beautiful.” And therein lay my answer. I don’t have to be like other blog writers. And my story as messy and complicated as it is, is still beautiful,  and if I truly believe that God has a purpose for me and that there is an abundant need for my brand of beautiful, then I need to stop being ruled by fear and take action. There will still be multiple posts about various sundry items of importance to me, but I want to make sure that I include what is really on my heart. Looking forward to sharing with you all in the posts to come!

By Sarah

About Us A few months ago, my sister and I decided to band together and start a blog with the hopes of sharing our experiences in motherhood. My sister is also a registered RN, and she will be sharing some of her knowledge in the medical field-specifically as it relates to medical issues surrounding pregnancy and new motherhood/babyhood. We hope that this blog will encourage our readers, and we also hope that you will reach out to us if you have any ways we can help or if you have any topics that you would like us to discuss. Happy reading!