About Us:

  Sarah Bartlett became a mother in 2014 when she married her husband, a widower with three children. It is her passion to help other mothers-specifically those coming into a blended family situation, and it is her hope that she will be able to be an encouragement to other mothers as we walk through this journey as parents to our children. She is an avid reader, stay-at-home wife and mother, reluctant homeschool mom, obsessed with LipSense, and she loves Jesus Christ with all her heart.

Her sister, Alison, is a registered RN, and she will be sharing some of her knowledge in the medical field-specifically as it relates to medical issues surrounding pregnancy and new motherhood/babyhood.

We hope that this blog will encourage our readers, and we also hope that you will reach out to us if you have specific things that we can pray for, encourage you in personally, or if you just want to chat and get to know us better!

Happy reading!